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BRU 03/10/10 ; ASEM8 - Asia/Europe summit arrivals

by L@urent on oct.04, 2010, under Aviation photo trips @, BRU - Brussels IAP, Belgium

Hello !

After some very bad weather it was unread to have good forecast for this sunday ! Indeed, sun was shining, and the afternoon was blessed with ASEM8 summit arrivals … too bad these two events were not synchronised.

Here is a quick log of the day (only items of interest) ;
V8-ALI B747-400 Brunei Government (arrived at 06:00 am)
G-MEDJ A321 BMI (nice upgrade !)
9A-CQF Dash8 Croatia
OH-LKM Emb-190 Finnair


HL7465 B747-400 Korean Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

SX-DVV A320 Aerean “Acropolis”
EI-OZB A300 Air Contractor in DHL c/s
D-AEBE Emb-190 Lufthansa Cityline
CN-ROJ B737-800 Atlas Blue in RAM c/s
TC-OGJ A320 AnadoluJet


9M-NAA A319CJ Malaysia Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

G-EZBR A319 EasyJet “100th Airbus”
VT-EVA B747-400 Air India
B-16406 B747-400F Cathay Cargo
JY-AGR A310F Royal Jordanian
SU-GBU A321 Egyptair n/c


B-8100 Gulfstream V Deer Air by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

HL7465 B747-400 Korea Air Force
CD-01 Falcon 900 Belgian Defense
CE-01 Emb-135 Belgian Defense
YR-HBE MD80 Medallion Air opf Blue Air
OE-LVG Fokker 100 Austrian Arrow “Star Alliance” c/s
B-8100 Gulfstream V Deer Air
G-FBED Emb-190 FlyBE (rare at BRU)
9M-NAA A319CJ Malaysia Air Force

Early evening, the two JASDF 747 and an Australian BBJ were expected.
Monday morning, Air China B-2472, Vietnam Airlines B772 and a chinese B737 were expected. Russia sent an Il62 amongst lot’s of european VIPs.

Quite a surprise when arriving at the airport in the morning ; Runway 25R was reported as main arrival runway. When approaching the runway, an aircraft landed on 25L and a few minutes later, runwap procedure changed to runway 20 (photo point described via the main menu). Regarding the arrival of special aircraft, this was the worst runway for arrivals. However, we have to deal with, and we enjoyed this very special day !


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LIL 25/09/10 ; upgrade on the Air Algérie flight

by L@urent on sept.29, 2010, under Aviation photo trips @, LIL - Lille Lesquin, France

Hello !

Nice upgrade on the DAH1048 flight ! Today, the Hi Fly leased A340-300 is scheduled two hours late.


OY-KBM A340-300 Air Algérie by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

Amazing to see this big aircraft parked on the terminal !
The aircraft was unloaded with some AKE containers. This can explain why it visited LIL today instead of the more usual 737s … Or maybe this is due to the recent strike, and a higher passenger load …

Also of interest ;
I-DAVJ MD80 ItalI a/w operated for Cityline Hungary (rugby charter flight)


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LIL 18/09/10 ; the quest for the “plane of the year” at LIL !!!

by L@urent on sept.23, 2010, under Aviation photo trips @, LIL - Lille Lesquin, France

Hello all,

When reading the airport’s website i noticed the departure of the second Windrose Embraer at 14:00 (on the departure list)
Needless to say, it took me very little time to jump in the car tio reach LIL. There were very little moves around the aircraft event at 14:00. Then things were quite quick … pilots dropped by a car, stairs removed, engines fired up and 7 minutes later, the aircraft was on the 26 barrier, opposite to it’s maintenance parking.


UR-WRF Emb-190 WindRose by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

If you know a bit the airport layout at LIL, you know that when runway 26 is in use, aircraft may (or won’t) taxi to the far end of the runway, and at that place you can photograph both side of the aircraft from a close location.
This aircraft was too important to gamble on the 26 backtrack ! … and you probably guess it did backtrack ! Too bad …
I preferred to have a little walk in the fields to try to locate a good place to photograph it … as you have seen, i was fortunate to find the best place !

Also of interest is DAH1048 operated by TC-SGH B737-800 of Saga Airlines ! Great, one of the two summer leased airframe i need ! Next, the Calima 737 would be nice soon … ;-)

Log covering other flights ;
F-HBLC Emb-190 Regional
F-GRZE CRJ700 Brit Air
F-HBXD Emb170 Regional
EI-DLT B738W Ryanair
CN-RPE B738 Jet4You

D-CAVE Learjet 35 Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht (DRF) was the mysterious EF608/609 flight planned around midday.

Well, what a day at this little airport !


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LIL 15/09/10 ; quick visit for a soccer flight

by L@urent on sept.23, 2010, under Aviation photo trips @, LIL - Lille Lesquin, France

Hello !

A quick visit to LIL to welcome EuroAtlantic B757-200 CS-TLX bringing Lisbon soccer team to LIL for a play in UEFA cup.


CS-TLX B757-200 EuroAtlantic by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

Also of interst was the Aigle Azur A320 F-GJVF … but the full profile shot was ruined by a huuuuge truck at the wrong place at the wrong time.


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FRA 06&07/04/10

by L@urent on sept.23, 2010, under Aviation photo trips @, FRA - Frankfurt, Germany

Hello All,

Here is a log covering two days spent at FRA during Easter Hollidays with fellow spotter Philippe D.
All in all, very interesting stay, however, some nice aircraft escaped on the second (and further) runway. However, saturday and sunday seems to provide a more interesting mix of aircraft (both civ and cargo).
We spent the night at the nearby IBIS and except the warm room, everything was fine ; god food, good sleep, only a few kilometers from the airport …

First, the non german stuff, then the D- reg airctaft …

4L-TGR B737-59D Airzena Georgian Airlines
4O-AOB Emb-195LR Montenegro Airlines
4R-ADA A340-311 SriLankan Airlines
4X-EAR B767-352(ER) El Al Israël Airlines


F-WWDD A380-800 Airbus Industries by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

7T-VJU B737-6D6 Air Algérie
9A-CTK A320-214 Croatia Airlines
9K-AND A340-313 Kuwait Airways
9V-SPA B747-412 Singapore Airlines


KAF 323 L100-30 Kuwait Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

A6-EBR B777-31H(ER) Emirates
A6-ECG B777-31H(ER) Emirates
A6-SAC Falcon 900B (Private)
AP-BGL B777-240(ER) Pakistan International Airlines Interm c/s


VP-BIJ B747-200F AirBridge Cargo by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

B-16402 B747-45E(BDSF) Eva Air Cargo
B-2422 B747-4EVF(ER)(SCD) Jade Cargo
B-6092 A330-243 Air China
B-6123 A330-243 China Eastern Airlines


YA-TTB A340-300 Safi Airways by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

B-HUP B747-467F(SCD) Cathay Pacific Cargo Silver Bullet c/s
CC-CQF A340-313X Lan Chile “80 anos”
C-FMWQ B767-333(ER) Air Canada New c/s
C-GFAF A330-343X Air Canada New c/s (continue reading…)

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BRU 16/06/10 ; Runway 02 procedure and long summer sunny day … Great !

by L@urent on juil.14, 2010, under Brussels IAP, Belgium, Spotting Informations @

A long summer day blessed with RWY02 configuration is rare and a great event for photographers ! You can take pictures all day long except from 12:00 to 16:00, allowing to photogrape the morning rush and evening rush.

The big surprise was the arrival of EU meeting in the afternoon/evening !

07 C-27J Air Force
15+01 A319-133X(CJ) Air Force
3085 A319-115X CJ Czech Republic


SP-LIG Emb-175 Polish Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

CS-TMT A330-321 Belgian Defense
ES-ABJ B737-33R Estonian Air Welcome to estonia sticker
ES-ABO B737-505 Estonian Air Tallinn 2011 c/s
HB-JVG Fokker 100 Helvetic Airways New c/s


07 C-27J Lithuanian Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

LZ-OOI Falcon 2000 Republic of Bulgaria
MM62243 A319-115X CJ Air Force
T.18-1/45-40 Falcon 900 Air Force


0216 M-28B Polish Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

TC-JMH A321-232 Turkish Airlines Istambul 2010 Capital of culture sticker - New c/s
TC-SKU B737-883 Sky Airlines In AnadoluJet c/s

Full log ;
4X-EKH B737-85P(WL) El Al Israël Airlines
5A-ONC A319-111 Afriqiyah Airlines
9A-CQA Dash 8-402 Croatia Airlines


N174AA B757-200(WL) by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

9H-AEP A320-214 Air Malta
9H-AFJ Learjet 60 EuroJet
A6-EYR A330-243 Etihad “2010 Formula 1 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix” sticker
B-6116 A330-243 Hainan Airlines


ES-ABO B737-500 Estonian by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

C-FMWU B767-333ER Air Canada New c/s
C-GTSD A310-304 Air Transat New c/s
CS-DFX Raytheon Hawker 800XP NetJets New c/s
CS-TNI A320-214 Air Portugal New c/s
CS-TTP A319-111 Air Portugal New c/s (continue reading…)

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LIL 29/06/10 - 1-2-3 Viva l’Algérie !!!

by L@urent on juin.30, 2010, under LIL - Lille Lesquin, France

Evening visit to LIL, to catch the specially decorated Air Algérie A300 celebrating the national team appearance in the Wold soccer cup 2010 !!!


7T-VJW A330-200 Air Algérie by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

LX-WAV BAe ATP West Air Europe by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

Also photographied ;
F-HBII A320 Aigle Azur
F-GUAA A321 Aigle Azur
F-HDTB CRJ900 Brit Air
F-HAXL B737-800(WL) XL France
F-HBLC Emb-190 Regional
LX-WAV Bae ATP West Air Europe
2x Emb-170 Regional (G et J)
Emb135/145 Regional

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LIL 17/06/10 - quick visit

by L@urent on juin.29, 2010, under LIL - Lille Lesquin, France

… to catch the MontAir (Dubrovnik) MD80.


9A-CDD MD80 MontAir by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

DAH1048, Air Algérie flight was operated like last few weeks by B737-800(WL) Saga TC-SGG.


TC-SGG B737-800(WL) Saga Airlines by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)
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BRU 09/03/10

by L@urent on juin.20, 2010, under BRU - Brussels IAP, Belgium

A visit to BRU with a runway 02 in use at that period of year is not a great news but allows to catch departing traffic on runway 07L (at the sand mounds). Unfortunately, despite the low temperature and the strong sun, i was trapped with heatwaves on half of my pictures … But fortunately enough, the few highlights were okay.

Reduced photo log due to heatwaves :

9A-CQD Dash 8-402 Croatia Airlines
B-6088 A330-243 Hainan Airlines
EC-HQI A320-214 Vueling


9A-CQD Dash 8-400 Croatia Airlines by L@urent Nice background plane ! (click to enter photogallery)

EC-JZI A320-214 Vueling
EI-DFI Emb-170LR Alitalia Express
G-ECOG Dash 8-402Q FlyBe


G-ECOG Dash 8-400 FlyBe by L@urent Scary take-off ! (click to enter photogallery)

G-RJXD Emb-145EP BMI Regional
HB-IJR A320-214 Swiss
LN-RCT B737-683 SAS Scandinavian


OO-VLJ Fokker 50 VLM by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

LN-RPZ B737-683 SAS Scandinavian
N176DZ B767-332(ER) Delta Airlines Interm c/s
N177DZ B767-332(ER) Delta Airlines Interm c/s


TC-JLO A319 Turkish Airlines by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

N190AA B757-223(WL) American Airlines
N351AA B767-323(ER) American Airlines
N384AA B767-323(ER) American Airlines
N66057 B767-424(ER) Continental Airlines
N780UA B777-222 United Airlines New c/s
OE-LDB A319-112 Austrian Airlines
OE-LFI Fokker 70 Austrian Arrow
OK-LEE A320-214 CSA Czech Airlines “EU2009.CZ”
OO-TCH A320-214 Thomas Cook Airline
OO-TCJ A320-214 Thomas Cook Airline Inspire
OO-VLJ Fokker 50 VLM In Cityjet c/s
PH-AHX B767-383(ER) ArkeFly “White w blue tail, Arkefly titles”
SX-DVM A320-232 Aegean Airlines
TC-JLO A319-132 Turkish Airlines
VT-JWD A330-243 Jet Airways
VT-JWE A330-243 Jet Airways
VT-JWL A330-202 Jet Airways
VT-JWM A330-202 Jet Airways

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Back on the blog ; it’s time for some updates

by L@urent on avr.25, 2010, under Aviation photo trips @

Hello !

  After a (forced) break due to a very cold and long winter, a period of vacations allowed me to do few pictures … LIL, FRA, CDG, and AMS were visited in about 10 days. Two weeks (and an ash cloud) later, another great day at CDG. So, stay tuned for some fresh picts and nice items …


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