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BRU 16/06/10 ; Runway 02 procedure and long summer sunny day … Great !

by L@urent on juil.14, 2010, under Brussels IAP, Belgium, Spotting Informations @

A long summer day blessed with RWY02 configuration is rare and a great event for photographers ! You can take pictures all day long except from 12:00 to 16:00, allowing to photogrape the morning rush and evening rush.

The big surprise was the arrival of EU meeting in the afternoon/evening !

07 C-27J Air Force
15+01 A319-133X(CJ) Air Force
3085 A319-115X CJ Czech Republic


SP-LIG Emb-175 Polish Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

CS-TMT A330-321 Belgian Defense
ES-ABJ B737-33R Estonian Air Welcome to estonia sticker
ES-ABO B737-505 Estonian Air Tallinn 2011 c/s
HB-JVG Fokker 100 Helvetic Airways New c/s


07 C-27J Lithuanian Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

LZ-OOI Falcon 2000 Republic of Bulgaria
MM62243 A319-115X CJ Air Force
T.18-1/45-40 Falcon 900 Air Force


0216 M-28B Polish Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

TC-JMH A321-232 Turkish Airlines Istambul 2010 Capital of culture sticker - New c/s
TC-SKU B737-883 Sky Airlines In AnadoluJet c/s

Full log ;
4X-EKH B737-85P(WL) El Al Israël Airlines
5A-ONC A319-111 Afriqiyah Airlines
9A-CQA Dash 8-402 Croatia Airlines


N174AA B757-200(WL) by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

9H-AEP A320-214 Air Malta
9H-AFJ Learjet 60 EuroJet
A6-EYR A330-243 Etihad “2010 Formula 1 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix” sticker
B-6116 A330-243 Hainan Airlines


ES-ABO B737-500 Estonian by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

C-FMWU B767-333ER Air Canada New c/s
C-GTSD A310-304 Air Transat New c/s
CS-DFX Raytheon Hawker 800XP NetJets New c/s
CS-TNI A320-214 Air Portugal New c/s
CS-TTP A319-111 Air Portugal New c/s
D-ABEI B737-330 Lufthansa
D-ABIE B737-530 Lufthansa
D-ABIW B737-530 Lufthansa
D-ABXX B737-330 Lufthansa
D-ACPB CRJ-700ER Lufthansa Cityline “Lufthansa Regional” titles
D-ACPP CRJ-700ER Lufthansa Cityline “Lufthansa Regional” titles
D-ADHD Dash 8-402Q Augsburg Airways in Lufthansa Regional c/s
D-AEBE Emb-195LR Lufthansa Cityline Cityline titles
D-AILA A319-114 Lufthansa
D-AILY A319-114 Lufthansa
D-COLB SA-227AC Metro III OLT Ostfriesische Lufttransport
D-COLD SA-227AC Metro III OLT Ostfriesische Lufttransport
D-CSWF Fairchild Dornier SA-227DC Metro 23 OLT Ostfriesische Lufttransport
EC-GRH A320-211 Vueling
EC-JFF A320-214 Vueling
EC-JMR A321-211 Iberia
EC-KKT A320-214 Vueling
EI-CPG A321-211 Aer Lingus
EI-EDS A320-214 Aer Lingus
F-GRGK Emb-145EU Regional Airlines
F-GRGM Emb-145EU Regional Airlines
G-ECOJ Dash 8-402Q FlyBe
G-EMBI Emb-145EU BMI Regional White with titles
G-EMBN Emb-145EU BMI Regional Blue BA belly, “BMI Regional” titles
G-EUPX A319-131 British Airways Soccer nose - World Cup 2010
G-EUPY A319-131 British Airways “25 million pounds - Change for good”
G-EZBZ A319-111 EasyJet “Come on, Let’s Fly!”
G-EZDT A319-111 EasyJet
G-EZIZ A319-111 EasyJet
G-FLBA Dash 8-402Q FlyBe
G-JECS Dash 8-402Q FlyBe
G-RJXB Emb-145EP BMI Regional
G-RJXF Emb-145EP BMI Regional BMI c/s
G-RJXL Emb-135LR BMI Regional
G-RJXR Emb-145EP BMI Regional
HA-LOA B737-7Q8 Malev
HA-LON B737-6Q8 Malev
HB-IXT Avro RJ100 Swiss
HB-JZF A319-111 Easyjet Switzerland
I-BIMB A319-112 Alitalia
I-BIMJ A319-112 Alitalia
I-BIXB A321-112 Alitalia
JY-AGR A310-304(F) Royal Jordanian
JY-AYM A319-132 Royal Jordanian
LN-BRH B737-505 SAS Scandinavian
LN-RCT B737-683 SAS Scandinavian
LN-RMR MD-81 SAS Scandinavian
LN-RPU B737-683 SAS Scandinavian
LZ-FBE A320-214 Bulgaria Air A/w
LZ-FBF A319-111 Bulgaria Air A/w
N154DL B767-3P6(ER) Delta Airlines New c/s
N174AA B757-223(WL) American Airlines OneWorld c/s
N177DZ B767-332(ER) Delta Airlines New c/s
N204UW B757-23N(WL) US Airways
N352AA B767-323(ER) American Airlines
N654UA B767-322ER United Airlines
N656UA B767-322ER United Airlines New c/s
N67058 B767-424ER Continental Airlines
OE-GJM Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign Jet Alliance
OE-GMZ Cessna 525B Citation CJ3 Jet Alliance
OE-LBT A320-214 Austrian Airlines Arrow c/s
OE-LVF Fokker 100 Austrian Arrow
OH-LKE Emb-190LR Finnair
OH-LVG A319-112 Finnair
OH-LXL A320-214 Finnair
OH-SAP Avro RJ85 Blue 1
OK-NEM A319-112 CSA Czech Airlines New c/s
OK-XGA B737-55S CSA Czech Airlines w URL
OK-XGC B737-55S CSA Czech Airlines w URL
OO-DJL Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines New c/s
OO-DJO Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines New c/s
OO-DJQ Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines Full c/s
OO-DJR Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines
OO-DJX Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines Hybrid c/s, medium blue tail, w B dots
OO-DJY Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines Hybrid c/s, medium blue tail, w B dots
OO-DJZ Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines Hybrid c/s, medium blue tail, w B dots
OO-DWB Avro RJ100 Brussels Airlines Hybrid c/s, medium blue tail, w B dots
OO-DWC Avro RJ100 Brussels Airlines
OO-DWG Avro RJ100 Brussels Airlines Full c/s
OO-DWH Avro RJ100 Brussels Airlines New c/s
OO-FPC Cessna 525B Citation CJ3 (Private)
OO-JAA B737-8BK(WL) JetAirFly
OO-JAF B737-8K5(WL) JetAirFly
OO-JAO B737-7K5(WL) JetAirFly
OO-JAP B767-38E(ER) JetAirFly New c/s
OO-LFS Learjet 45 Abelag Aviation (AAB)
OO-MLG Cessna Citation Excel Abelag Aviation (AAB)
OO-SFO A330-301 Brussels Airlines Hybrid c/s, medium blue tail, w B dots
OO-SFW A330-322 Brussels Airlines New c/s
OO-SSK A319-112 Brussels Airlines
OO-SSM A319-112 Brussels Airlines New c/s
OO-SSP A319-113 Brussels Airlines
OO-TAU Bae 146 TNT Airways
OO-TCJ A320-214 Thomas Cook Airline Inspire
OO-TCR A320-232 Thomas Cook Airline cookie
OO-TUC B767-341ER JetAirFly New c/s
OO-VEG B737-36N(WL) Brussels Airlines
OO-VEH B737-36N(WL) Brussels Airlines New c/s
OO-VEP B737-43Q Brussels Airlines
OO-VEX B737-36N(WL) Brussels Airlines New c/s
OO-VLE Fokker 50 VLM Cityjet c/s
OY-CKI Falcon 2000 Air Alsie A/w
OY-KBB A321-232 SAS Scandinavian
OY-KBR A319-131 SAS Scandinavian
OY-KFB CRJ-900 SAS Scandinavian
OY-KFH CRJ-900 SAS Scandinavian
OY-NCK Do 328-110 Sun Air of Scandinavia
OY-NCN Do 328-310 Sun Air of Scandinavia
PH-OFP Fokker 100 KLM Cityhopper
S5-AAF CRJ-200LR Adria Airways Mini.SI c/s
S5-AAL CRJ-900 Adria Airways
S5-BAW Cessna 525B Citation CJ3 Linxair
SP-LIG Emb-175LR Air Force
SX-DVX A320-232 Aegean Airlines
SX-OAK A319-131 Olympic Air
SX-OAM A320-232 Olympic Air
TC-JPC A320-232 Turkish Airlines New c/s
TC-JPR A320-232 Turkish Airlines New c/s
TC-SKU B737-883 AnadoluJet In AnadoluJet c/s
TC-TJB B737-3Q8 Corendon Airlines New tail c/s
UR-GAW B737-5Y0(WL) Ukraine International
VT-JWD A330-243 Jet Airways
VT-JWE A330-243 Jet Airways
VT-JWF A330-202 Jet Airways
VT-JWG A330-243 Jet Airways
VT-JWN A330-202 Jet Airways
VT-JWP A330-202 Jet Airways
YL-BBE B737-53S Air Baltic
YL-BBQ B737-522 Air Baltic
YR-ASD A318-111 Tarom
YR-BAF B737-322 blue Air
YR-BGS B737-8GJ(WL) Tarom

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