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AYT 28/08/2010

by L@urent on oct.12, 2011, under AYT - Antalya, Turkey, Aviation photo trips @

EI-DUC B757-256 I-Fly
ES-ABK B737-36N Estonian Air “Welcome to Estonia” small sticker
ES-LBD B737-35B Small Planet Airlines In basic FlyLAL Charters
EW-85741 Tu-154M Belavia
HB-JIE MD90-30 Hello


by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

LY-FLC B737-31S Small Planet Airlines A/w
LZ-HVB B737-3S1(SF) Bulgaria Air A/w
OE-LEO A320-214 Niki New c/s
OE-LNK B737-8Z9(WL) Lauda Air “The austrian way to holidays”
OH-LBT B757-2Q8(WL) Finnair
OK-CEC A321-211 CSA Czech Airlines


by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

OK-TVM B737-8FN(WL) Travel Service Airline
OK-WGY B737-436 CSA Czech Airlines A/w, red engines
OY-JTF B737-382(QC) JetTime
P4-MAS B757-28A(WL) Air Astana
RA-42386 Yak-42D Kuban Airlines
RA-64019 Tu-204 Red Wings


by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

RA-73011 B757-230 Air Bashkortostan
RA-86124 Il-86 Donavia
RA-86125 Il-86 Atlant Soyuz
RA-86138 Il-86 Atlant Soyuz
RA-86139 Il-86 Atlant Soyuz
RA-86141 Il-86 Donavia A/w


by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

SE-DIU MD-87 City Airline
SX-SMU A320-231 Viking Hellas Airlines XL.Com titles
UR-42403 Yak-42D Lviv Airlines
UR-DAC A320-233 Donbass
UR-GAM B737-4Y0 Ukraine International
UR-KIV B737-4Y0 DniproAvia


by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

UR-UTG B737-4Q8 UTAir-Ukraine
UR-VVN B737-4Y0 Aerosvit Airlines
UR-WRB MD-83 Wind Rose Aviation
UR-WRE MD-82 Wind Rose Aviation
VP-BBR B757-22L Azerbaidjan Airlines
VP-BGQ B737-4Y0 Orenburg Airlines
VP-BGU B747-346 Transaero
VP-BMN CRJ-200ER Air Volga
VP-BPU A320-211 Ural Airlines
VQ-BAK B757-2Q8 Nordwind Airlines No titles
VQ-BAN B737-4Q8 Donavia
VQ-BAO B737-4Q8 Aeroflot Don
VQ-BAO B737-4Q8 Donavia
VQ-BAP B737-322 Tatarstan
VQ-BCQ A330-343X Aeroflot SkyTeam c/s
VQ-BCY A320-214 Ural Airlines
VQ-BEK A330-343X Aeroflot
VQ-BEM B737-85R(WL) Orenburg Airlines
VQ-BEN B737-85R(WL) Orenburg Airlines
VQ-BEY B757-2Q8(WL) UTAir Aviation
VQ-BEZ B757-2Q8(WL) UTAir Aviation
VQ-BFR B737-883 Moskovia Airlines
VQ-BFU B737-883 Moskovia Airlines
VQ-BHR B757-2Q8(WL) Nordwind Airlines
YL-BBC A320-211 SmartLynx A/w
YL-BCB A320-211 SmartLynx No titles, only waves on tail & engine
YR-TIB B737-3L9 Air Bucharest
Z3-AAM B737-529 Macedonian Airlines Kon Tiki Sky
ZA-MEV Bae 146-300 Albanian Airlines New c/s
4L-TGM B737-790(WL) Airzena Georgian Airlines
D-ADIH B737-3Y0 Germania
D-AGWM A319-132 GermanWings
D-AHIC B737-7BK Hamburg International
D-AXLE B737-8Q8(WL) XL Airways Germany
D-AXLF B737-8Q8(WL) XL Airways Germany SUNWEB c/s
D-AXLG B737-8Q8 XL Airways Germany
D-AXLI B737-81Q(WL) XL Airways Germany OGER
TC-AAD B737-5Q8 Pegasus BEKO home appliances c/s
TC-AAE B737-82R(WL) Pegasus New c/s
TC-AAU B737-82R(WL) Pegasus
TC-API B737-86N(WL) Pegasus
TC-ETE B757-2Q8 Atlas Jet
TC-ETF A321-231 Atlas Jet
TC-ETG B757-256 Atlas Jet
TC-FBE A320-212 Free Bird Blue tail, orange titles
TC-FBJ A320-232 Free Bird Orange tail, blue titles
TC-FBR A320-232 Free Bird Purple tail, blue titles
TC-JFE B737-8F2(WL) Turkish Airlines New c/s
TC-JFH B737-8F2(WL) Turkish Airlines Star Alliance c/s
TC-JGJ B737-8F2(WL) Turkish Airlines New c/s
TC-JHF B737-8F2(WL) Turkish Airlines “FIBA 2010 World Championship” c/s
TC-JHH B737-8GJ(WL) AnadoluJet
TC-JLL A320-232 Turkish Airlines New c/s
TC-JME A321-211 Turkish Airlines
TC-JPK A320-214 Turkish Airlines
TC-KLB A320-232 Kogalymavia
TC-OGI A320-232 Atlas Jet
TC-ONM MD-88 Onur Air
TC-SGD B737-48E Atlas Jet Operated from Saga Airlines
TC-SKE B737-4Q8 Sky Airlines Orange c/s
TC-SKF B737-4Q8 Sky Airlines Pink c/s
TC-SKI A321-231 Sky Airlines “Orange c/s, “”Antalyaspor”"”
TC-SKJ A320-211 Sky Airlines Green c/s
TC-SKN B737-94X(ER)(WL) Sky Airlines Purple c/s
TC-SKP B737-94X(WL) Sky Airlines Brown c/s
TC-SKR B737-83N(WL) Sky Airlines Orange c/s
TC-SKT A320-232 Sky Airlines Brown c/s
TC-SNI B737-8FH(WL) Sun Express Istambul - Izmir - Antalya & 20 Years c/s
TC-SNR B737-8HC(WL) Sun Express New c/s
TC-SUH B737-8CX(WL) Sun Express New c/s
TC-TCF A321-211 Turkuaz
TC-TJG B737-86J(WL) Corendon Airlines
TC-TKM Cl-215 Turkish Aeronautical Association Red c/s

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