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PMI 12/07/09 ; Last spotting day …

by L@urent on jan.03, 2010, under Aviation photo trips @, PMI - Palma de Mallorca, Spain

This is already the last log of this trip !
All in all, excellent stay ! Good weather with a few cloudy days, plenty of aircraft, and plenty of special schemes. Noteworthly, the new café overlooking runway 08L proved to be a very nice surprise to catch departing aircraft (when landing over the sea) !
Besdides aircraft spotting, sightseeing on the island was very pleasant, restaurant’s food was excellent (lot of fish dishes), and hanging on beaches was really cool !

CS-DXS Cessna 560XL Citation XLS Netjets Transportes Aereos
D-ABAB B737-76Q Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-ABAE B737-86J(WL) Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABAF B737-86J(WL) Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABOC B757-330 Thomas Cook (Condor)
D-ABOF B757-330 Thomas Cook (Condor)


LN-NOL B737-800(WL) Norwegian by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

D-ABOH B757-330 Thomas Cook (Condor)
D-ABOJ B757-330 Thomas Cook (Condor)
D-AERS A330-322 Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-AHFB B737-8K5(WL) TUIFly
D-AHFR B737-8K5(WL) TUIFly Yellow c/s
D-AHFY B737-8K5(WL) TUIFly Kärnten c/s


D-AHFY B737-800(WL) TUIFly by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

D-AHIC B737-7BK Hamburg International
D-AHII A319-111 Hamburg International
D-AICN A320-214 Condor Berlin Thomas Cook c/s, Condor titles
D-AKNM A319-112 GermanWings Mhhhh, Baden-Wurttemberg s/c
D-ALPJ A330-223 Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-ATUG B737-8K5(WL) TUIFly titles
EC-GNY MD-83 Spanair
EC-HGO B737-85P Air Europa Illes Balears c/s
D-ABBG B737-86J(WL) Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-ABBT B737-76N(WL) Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-ABBZ B737-85F Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABDD A320-214 Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABDE A320-214 Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABDR A320-214 Air Berlin New old c/s (”AIR-BERLIN” on tail)
D-ABDS A320-214 Air Berlin New old c/s (”AIR-BERLIN” on tail)
D-ABGP A319-112 Air Berlin New c/s (@)
EC-HQL A320-214 ClickAir
EC-HQZ A321-231 Spanair
EC-IDT B737-86Q(WL) Air Europa
EC-IJU A321-231 Spanair
EC-ISN B737-86Q(WL) Air Europa
EC-JAP B737-85P(WL) Air Europa
EC-JBJ B737-85P(WL) Air Europa “Salamanca” titles
EC-JBK B737-85P(WL) Air Europa
EC-JBL B737-85P(WL) Air Europa
EC-JQV MD-83 SwiftAir small titles, blue taillogo
EC-JSU MD-87 Spanair In full SAS c/s
EC-JXR Falcon 2000 Gestair
EC-KDH A320-214 Vueling In MTV 2009 c/s “Gusto Barcelona”
EC-KHX B717-2K9 Spanair
EC-KMI A320-216 ClickAir
EC-LAJ A320-214 Iberworld New c/s
EC-LAV B737-408 Hola Airlines
EI-DAI B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair “Nyköping”
EI-DFS B767-33A(ER) Transaero
EI-DLC B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-DPZ B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-DWF B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-DYN B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
F-GNLK Fokker 100 Regional Airlines
G-BVKD B737-59D BMI baby
G-BYAD B757-204(ER) Thomson Airways
G-BYAI B757-204 Thomson Airways
G-CEJP B737-8BK(WL) Flyglobespan In Oman Air c/s
G-EZAU A319-111 EasyJet “Come on, let’s Fly”
G-EZAV A319-111 EasyJet “Come on, let’s fly!”
G-EZAZ A319-111 EasyJet “Come on, let’s fly!”
G-EZBB A319-111 EasyJet “Come on, let’s fly!”
G-EZBL A319-111 EasyJet “Come on, let’s Fly”
G-EZDF A319-111 EasyJet ONLYLYON titles
G-EZFD A319-111 EasyJet
G-EZIR A319-111 EasyJet “Come on, Let’s Fly!”
G-EZIT A319-111 EasyJet “Come on, let’s Fly!”
G-FDZG B737-8K5(WL) Thomson Airways TUI c/s, ThomsonFly.Com
G-LSAE B757-27B Jet2
G-OOBH B757-236(WL) Thomson Airways FirstChoice c/s and titles
G-OZBU A321-231 Monarch
G-THOH B737-36Q Thomson Airways TUI c/s, ThomsonFly.Com titles
G-TOYD B737-3Q8 BMI baby
G-TOYF B737-36N BMI baby
G-TTIF A321-231 EasyJet Incomplete c/s
HB-IHS B757-2G5 Air Berlin New old c/s (”AIR-BERLIN”"on tail)
HB-IJN A320-214 Swiss
HB-IJP A320-214 Swiss
HB-IZH Saab 2000 Darwin
HB-JGA Dash 8-402Q Skywork
HB-JIB MD-90-30 Hello
HB-JID MD90-30 Hello
HB-JZP A319-111 Easyjet Switzerland
I-DATI MD-82 Alitalia New c/s
LN-KHB B737-31S(WL) Norwegian White tail
LN-NOL B737-8Q8(WL) Norwegian “6000th 737″ tail
LX-LGP B737-5C9 Luxair
OE-IHA Emb-190 Niki
OE-LEA A320-214 Niki
OH-AFJ B757-2Q8(ER)(WL) Air Finland
OY-PSA B737-8Q8(WL) Primera Air Scandinavia
OY-PSB B737-8Q8(WL) Primera Air Scandinavia
PH-DMR Dash 8-315 Air Nostrum
PH-DMW Dash 8-315 Air Nostrum
RA-64043 Tu-204 Red Wings
RA-73016 B757-230 VIM Airlines
SE-DIS MD-81 SAS Scandinavian
SP-LLK B737-4Q8 CentralWings
TF-JXI B737-809(WL) Primera Air

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