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PMI 11/07/09 : Saturday in PMI

by L@urent on déc.27, 2009, under Aviation photo trips @, PMI - Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Saturday at PMI is a very busy day !
Despite the morning clouds, the day turned to be very interesting ! In comparison to last saturday, most of the flights were the same, with same registers.

4X-BAU B757-3E7 ARKIA Israeli Airlines
C-GTBB B757-26N(WL) Thomson Airways FirstChoice c/s, url
D-ABAB B737-76Q Air Berlin New c/s (@)
G-EZDF A319-111 EasyJet ONLYLYON titles


EC-HNY MD90 Quantum Air by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

EC-HNY B717-2CM Quantum Air
EC-ITP Fairchild SA-227BC Metro III Top Air
EC-JQE IAI-1126 Gulfstream G200 (Private)
YL-LCE A320-211 Travel Service Airline White w Travel Service titles


EC-ITP SA.227 Manx2 by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

EC-JHL B737-85P(WL) Air Europa Disney Resort Paris 2009
EC-JIU Cessna 525 Citation CJ1 (Private)
EC-KCX MD-83 SwiftAir A/w, inc logo on tail
EC-KEC A320-232 Spanair “Let’s go roaming” c/s


YL-LCE A320 Travel Service by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

F-GZHA B737-8GJ(WL) Transavia France
G-BYAL B757-204 Thomson Airways “” titles
G-CDEG B737-8BK(WL) Flyglobespan
G-CELJ B737-330 Jet2 w, red tail with “” in white & big Titles


LY-SKW B737-300 Aurela by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

LY-SKW B737-382 Aurela
N129NS Gulfstream IV CIT Leasing Corp
OE-IHA Emb-190 Niki
OY-MRF B737-7L9(WL) Cimber Sterling red c/s, Sterling.EU titles
G-LSAD B757-236 Jet2 White c/s
G-LSAE B757-27B Jet2
G-MSJF B737-7Q8(WL) Flyglobespan
G-PJPJ B737-5H6 Astraeus Palmair c/s
D-ABAF B737-86J(WL) Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABBE B737-86J(WL) Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-ABBT B737-76N(WL) Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-ABDB A320-214 Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABDC A320-214 Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-ABDD A320-214 Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABDI A320-214 Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABDM A320-214 Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABDN A320-214 Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABDR A320-214 Air Berlin New old c/s (”AIR-BERLIN” on tail)
D-ABGB A319-132 Air Berlin Old c/s
D-ABGK A319-112 Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-ABUH B767-330(ER) Thomas Cook (Condor) Thomas Cook c/s, Condor titles
D-AGEN B737-75B Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-AHIH A319-111 Hamburg International
D-AIQL A320-211 Lufthansa
D-ALTC A320-214 Air Berlin New c/s (@)
D-CAVE Learjet 35 Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht German Air Rescue
EC-HJP B737-85P Air Europa
EC-HTC A320-214 Iberia
EC-IAZ A320-232 Spanair
EC-IIA Dash 8-315 Air Nostrum
EC-IIB Dash 8-315 Air Nostrum
EC-ISN B737-86Q(WL) Air Europa
EC-IVH CRJ-200ER Air Nostrum
EC-IZD A320-214 Vueling
EC-IZK A320-232 Spanair
EC-KJD A320-216 ClickAir
EC-KJD A320-216 Vueling In Click Air grey c/s
EC-KPX A320-232 Spanair Windows live c/s
EC-KRJ Emb-195LR Air Europa
EC-KRJ Emb-195LR Air Europa A/w
EC-LAQ A320-214 Iberworld New c/s
EI-DHO B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-DLZ B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-DYP B757-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-DYR B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-EFJ B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
F-GIXB B737-33A (QC) Europe Airpost New c/s
G-CELP B737-330 Jet2
G-CELY B737-377(QC) Jet2
G-CPEU B757-236 Thomson Airways FirstChoice c/s and titles
G-CPEV B757-236(WL) Thomson Airways FirstChoice c/s and titles
G-EZBL A319-111 EasyJet “Come on, let’s Fly”
G-EZDU A319-111 EasyJet
G-EZID A319-111 EasyJet 100
G-EZIT A319-111 EasyJet “Come on, let’s Fly!”
G-EZJR B737-73V EasyJet “Come on, Let’s Fly!”
G-EZJX B737-73V EasyJet “Come on, let’s fly!”
G-FCLB B757-28A Thomas Cook (JMC)
G-FCLE B757-28A Thomas Cook (JMC)
G-FDZG B737-8K5(WL) Thomson Airways TUI c/s, ThomsonFly.Com
G-FDZR B737-8K5(WL) Thomson Airways “Thomson” titles
G-JMCE B757-25F Thomas Cook (JMC)
G-OOBC B757-28A Thomson Airways FirstChoice c/s and titles
G-OOBF B757-28A Thomson Airways FirstChoice c/s and titles
G-OOPE A321-211 Thomson Airways FirstChoice c/s and titles
G-OZBE A321-231 Monarch New c/s, Monarch titles
G-SUEW A320-214 Thomas Cook (JMC)
G-TCAC A320-232 Thomas Cook (JMC) Hybrid livery
G-THON B737-36N Thomson Airways “” titles
G-THOP B737-3U3 Thomson Airways
G-VCED A320-231 Thomas Cook (JMC)
HB-IJE A320-214 Swiss
HB-IJL A320-214 Swiss
HB-IXV Avro RJ100 Swiss
I-DACS MD-82 Alitalia
LN-BUF B737-405 SAS Norge
LN-KKV B737-3Y5 Norwegian White tail
LN-RMT MD-81 SAS Scandinavian
LN-RRS B737-883 SAS Scandinavian
OY-PSD B737-86N(WL) Primera Air Scandinavia
OY-VKE A321-211 Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia
PH-DMR Dash 8-315 Air Nostrum
SE-DST Avro RJ100 Malmo Aviation
SE-DZK B737-804(WL) TUIFly Nordic
SE-DZN B737-804(WL) TUIFly Nordic TUIFly titles & DB sticker
SE-DZV B737-804(WL) TUIFly Nordic TUIFly titles & DB sticker
SP-LLG B737-45D Lot Charters Full CentralWings c/s
VP-CNR Gulfstream V-SP (Private) Opb Rashid Engineering

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