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BRU - Brussels IAP, Belgium

BRU 03/10/10 ; ASEM8 - Asia/Europe summit arrivals

by L@urent on oct.04, 2010, under Aviation photo trips @, BRU - Brussels IAP, Belgium

Hello !

After some very bad weather it was unread to have good forecast for this sunday ! Indeed, sun was shining, and the afternoon was blessed with ASEM8 summit arrivals … too bad these two events were not synchronised.

Here is a quick log of the day (only items of interest) ;
V8-ALI B747-400 Brunei Government (arrived at 06:00 am)
G-MEDJ A321 BMI (nice upgrade !)
9A-CQF Dash8 Croatia
OH-LKM Emb-190 Finnair


HL7465 B747-400 Korean Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

SX-DVV A320 Aerean “Acropolis”
EI-OZB A300 Air Contractor in DHL c/s
D-AEBE Emb-190 Lufthansa Cityline
CN-ROJ B737-800 Atlas Blue in RAM c/s
TC-OGJ A320 AnadoluJet


9M-NAA A319CJ Malaysia Air Force by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

G-EZBR A319 EasyJet “100th Airbus”
VT-EVA B747-400 Air India
B-16406 B747-400F Cathay Cargo
JY-AGR A310F Royal Jordanian
SU-GBU A321 Egyptair n/c


B-8100 Gulfstream V Deer Air by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

HL7465 B747-400 Korea Air Force
CD-01 Falcon 900 Belgian Defense
CE-01 Emb-135 Belgian Defense
YR-HBE MD80 Medallion Air opf Blue Air
OE-LVG Fokker 100 Austrian Arrow “Star Alliance” c/s
B-8100 Gulfstream V Deer Air
G-FBED Emb-190 FlyBE (rare at BRU)
9M-NAA A319CJ Malaysia Air Force

Early evening, the two JASDF 747 and an Australian BBJ were expected.
Monday morning, Air China B-2472, Vietnam Airlines B772 and a chinese B737 were expected. Russia sent an Il62 amongst lot’s of european VIPs.

Quite a surprise when arriving at the airport in the morning ; Runway 25R was reported as main arrival runway. When approaching the runway, an aircraft landed on 25L and a few minutes later, runwap procedure changed to runway 20 (photo point described via the main menu). Regarding the arrival of special aircraft, this was the worst runway for arrivals. However, we have to deal with, and we enjoyed this very special day !


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BRU 09/03/10

by L@urent on juin.20, 2010, under BRU - Brussels IAP, Belgium

A visit to BRU with a runway 02 in use at that period of year is not a great news but allows to catch departing traffic on runway 07L (at the sand mounds). Unfortunately, despite the low temperature and the strong sun, i was trapped with heatwaves on half of my pictures … But fortunately enough, the few highlights were okay.

Reduced photo log due to heatwaves :

9A-CQD Dash 8-402 Croatia Airlines
B-6088 A330-243 Hainan Airlines
EC-HQI A320-214 Vueling


9A-CQD Dash 8-400 Croatia Airlines by L@urent Nice background plane ! (click to enter photogallery)

EC-JZI A320-214 Vueling
EI-DFI Emb-170LR Alitalia Express
G-ECOG Dash 8-402Q FlyBe


G-ECOG Dash 8-400 FlyBe by L@urent Scary take-off ! (click to enter photogallery)

G-RJXD Emb-145EP BMI Regional
HB-IJR A320-214 Swiss
LN-RCT B737-683 SAS Scandinavian


OO-VLJ Fokker 50 VLM by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

LN-RPZ B737-683 SAS Scandinavian
N176DZ B767-332(ER) Delta Airlines Interm c/s
N177DZ B767-332(ER) Delta Airlines Interm c/s


TC-JLO A319 Turkish Airlines by L@urent (click to enter photogallery)

N190AA B757-223(WL) American Airlines
N351AA B767-323(ER) American Airlines
N384AA B767-323(ER) American Airlines
N66057 B767-424(ER) Continental Airlines
N780UA B777-222 United Airlines New c/s
OE-LDB A319-112 Austrian Airlines
OE-LFI Fokker 70 Austrian Arrow
OK-LEE A320-214 CSA Czech Airlines “EU2009.CZ”
OO-TCH A320-214 Thomas Cook Airline
OO-TCJ A320-214 Thomas Cook Airline Inspire
OO-VLJ Fokker 50 VLM In Cityjet c/s
PH-AHX B767-383(ER) ArkeFly “White w blue tail, Arkefly titles”
SX-DVM A320-232 Aegean Airlines
TC-JLO A319-132 Turkish Airlines
VT-JWD A330-243 Jet Airways
VT-JWE A330-243 Jet Airways
VT-JWL A330-202 Jet Airways
VT-JWM A330-202 Jet Airways

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BRU 24/06/09 ; a long sunny day at Brussels Airport

by L@urent on juin.26, 2009, under Aviation photo trips @, BRU - Brussels IAP, Belgium

Hello !

BRU can be frustrating for aircraft photographers. Most of the time, two runways are in use for arrivals … meaning choices have to be made (and luck is also involved).
The morning rush (from 7h30 till 9h30) is not providing good light conditions on classic Runway 25 arrivals, except at the end of the rush. Same for the evening rush …

BUT, one some occasions, things turns to be great !
Last wednesday, runway use was perfect ! Arrivals on 02 till 12h00, then switch to 07L (not the best light at this period of year, but much better than on 02), then runway 02 in use again after 17h00 … with a long sunny day, this was particularly interesting !
First pictures were taken at 07h00, with great light ! The end of day was at 20h30 …

I have only enclosed a photo log of the most interesting items (scheme, sticker, recent fleet addition, …) - lots of pictures added in the photogallery (click to see)
(aircraft noted with a “(” means taken in a poor light) ;

VT-JWP A332 9W=Jet Airways
N778UA B772 UA n/c
VT-JWM A332 9W


VT-JWP A330-200 Jet Airways by L@urent

LZ-FBF A319 Bulgaria a/w
VT-JWL A332 9W
ET-ALJ B763 ET=Ethiopian
A6-EYJ A332 EY=Etihad “Formula 1 - 2009″


A6-EYJ A330-200 Etihad by L@urent

VT-JWK A332 9W
N188AN B752W AA
VP-BBO Gulfstream


C-FLOX B757-200 ArkeFly by L@urent

N755AN B772 AA
VT-JWQ A332 9W
N57016 B772 CO
VT-JWG A332 9W


N783SA B747-200F Southern Air by L@urent

N783SA B74F Southern Air


RA-74015 An-74 Shar Ink by L@urent

51+09 C-160D LTG63 GAF
N717TW B752W DL n/c


TC-TUB A321 Best Air by L@urent

F-GIXB B733 FPO n/c
D-AKNF A319 LH Italia


TF-ARP B747-200F Saudi Arabian Cargo by L@urent

LN-RCU B737 SAS Norge
YR-BAC B733 Blue Air (continue reading…)

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BRU 21/04/09

by L@urent on mai.11, 2009, under Aviation photo trips @, BRU - Brussels IAP, Belgium

Photo log of pictures taken at BRU on 21/04/09.

Most interesting items ;

90402 Gulfstream USAF
146/XR TBM-700 AdlA “Paris Airshow 2001″
OY-RCA Bae 146-200A Atlantic Airways


OE-LNN B737-7Z9(WL) Austrian Airlines
LZ-FBF A319-111 Bulgaria Air A/w
5B-DCF A319-132 Cyprus Airways
N1200K B767-332ER Delta Airlines New c/s
N721TW B757-231(WL) Delta Airlines New c/s


SU-GBU A321-231 Egypt Air New c/s
ES-ABK B737-36N Estonian Air “Welcome to Estonia” small sticker
ET-AMT B757-23N Ethiopian Airlines
A6-EYM A330-243 Etihad
JY-AGN A310-304 Royal Jordanian
LN-BRX B737-505 SAS Norge
EI-ECX A319-132 WindJet
N383WA MD-11F World Airways Incomplete n/c

And also …
F-GSGL Cessna 525B Citation CJ3 (Private)
N604MU Cl-600-2B16 (Private)
N755VE Gulfstream V (Private) Opb Valero Services Inc
SX-DVY A320-232 Aegean Airlines Delivered on 14/04/09
EI-DEB A320-214 Aer Lingus
YL-BBG B737-548 Air Baltic (continue reading…)

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BRU 31/01/09

by L@urent on mai.05, 2009, under Aviation photo trips @, BRU - Brussels IAP, Belgium

Hello !

Here is a photo log taken at BRU in a cold winter day. All aircraft departed runway 07R.

Most intersting items ;
SU-PBG A320-233 Air Memphis 1353 Titles & red cheatline
LZ-FBB A319-112 Bulgaria Air 3309 A/w
OO-CBC B747-4KZF(ER)SCD Cargo B Airlines 36784 1411


2801 A319-115X Czech Republic 2801
SX-BVL A320-211 Hellas Jet 087
EC-KCP A330-343X Iberworld 833 New c/s


TS-IME A320-211 Tunisair 123 “60 ans” c/s
6x Jet Airways A330-200 (the B777-300 have lert Brussels !)
4x Brussels Airlines A330-300

Other moves ;
OO-CLX Cessna 560 Abelag Aviation (AAB) 560-0537
S5-AAH CRJ-100LR Adria Airways 7032
EI-DEI A320-214 Aer Lingus 2374
TS-INM A320-211 Afriqiyah Airlines 246
YL-BBA B737-505 Air Baltic 24646 2138
CS-TNM A320-214 Air Portugal 1799 New c/s (continue reading…)

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BRU 10/04/09

by L@urent on avr.27, 2009, under Aviation photo trips @, BRU - Brussels IAP, Belgium

Photo log of friday 10/04/09 at Brussels IAP, in order of landings.

Most interesting items ;
EC-KJC A319-111 Iberia Endangered species - ‘Avutarda’ (Great Bustard)
G-JEDP Dash 8-402Q FlyBe “Low cost, but not at any cost” green/blue c/s
N204UW B757-23N(WL) US Airways
OO-JAT B737-5K5 JetAirFly (finally taken in complete c/s)


G-EUPY A319-131 British Airways “25 million pounds - Change for good”
OO-JAM B737-46J JetAirFly In Jet4You c/s
TC-AAK B737-8FH(WL) Pegasus New c/s
A6-EYR A330-243 Etihad “Formula 1 - Abu Dhabi Grand Prix” sticker
SU-GBT A321-231 Egypt Air New c/s


OE-LVG Fokker 100 Tyrolean Star Alliance c/s
9A-BTD Fokker 100 Sunadria Opb “Trade Air” titles
YR-BIB B737-8BK Blue Air
EC-KBQ A320-214 Iberworld White with titles and taillogo, leased by Thomas Cook


LZ-MDB A320-232 VIA, leased by Thomas Cook
B-HUK B747-467F(SCD) Cathay Pacific Cargo Silver c/s
EC-ISY B757-256 Privilege Style Villareal C.F. titles, leased by Atlas Blue

Complete log ;
VT-JWG A330-243 Jet Airways
N768AA B777-223ER American Airlines
ET-ALJ B767-360ER Ethiopian Airlines New c/s
N155DL B767-3P6(ER) Delta Airlines Interm c/s
D-ABEB B737-330 Lufthansa
VT-JWL A330-202 Jet Airways
VT-JWK A330-202 Jet Airways
YL-BBN B737-522 Air Baltic
G-EZEA A319-111 EasyJet
D-ACHA CRJ-200LR Lufthansa Cityline “Lufthansa Regional” titles
I-BIMI A319-112 Alitalia
D-CVJN Learjet 40 Vista Jet (continue reading…)

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