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BRU 31/01/09

by L@urent on mai.05, 2009, under Aviation photo trips @, BRU - Brussels IAP, Belgium

Hello !

Here is a photo log taken at BRU in a cold winter day. All aircraft departed runway 07R.

Most intersting items ;
SU-PBG A320-233 Air Memphis 1353 Titles & red cheatline
LZ-FBB A319-112 Bulgaria Air 3309 A/w
OO-CBC B747-4KZF(ER)SCD Cargo B Airlines 36784 1411


2801 A319-115X Czech Republic 2801
SX-BVL A320-211 Hellas Jet 087
EC-KCP A330-343X Iberworld 833 New c/s


TS-IME A320-211 Tunisair 123 “60 ans” c/s
6x Jet Airways A330-200 (the B777-300 have lert Brussels !)
4x Brussels Airlines A330-300

Other moves ;
OO-CLX Cessna 560 Abelag Aviation (AAB) 560-0537
S5-AAH CRJ-100LR Adria Airways 7032
EI-DEI A320-214 Aer Lingus 2374
TS-INM A320-211 Afriqiyah Airlines 246
YL-BBA B737-505 Air Baltic 24646 2138
CS-TNM A320-214 Air Portugal 1799 New c/s
CS-TTO A319-111 Air Portugal 1127 New c/s
I-BIMD A319-112 Alitalia 2074
N389AA B767-323(ER) American Airlines 27449 564
N39364 B767-323ER American Airlines 24045 240
CN-RMF B737-4B6 Atlas Blue 24807 1880 “New c/s, grey titles, “Royal Air Maroc” titles”
CN-RNC B737-4B6 Atlas Blue 26529 2584 “New c/s, grey titles, “Royal Air Maroc” titles”
CE-04 Emb-145LR Belgian Defense 145548
G-MIDT A320-232 BMI British Midland 1418 New c/s
G-EUOE A319-131 British Airways 1574
G-EUUN A320-232 British Airways 1910
OO-DJK Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines E2271 Full c/s
OO-DJN Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines E2275 Full c/s
OO-DJQ Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines E2289 Full c/s
OO-DJV Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines E2295 New c/s
OO-DJY Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines E2302 Hybrid c/s, medium blue tail, w B dots
OO-DJZ Avro RJ85 Brussels Airlines E2305 Hybrid c/s, medium blue tail, w B dots
OO-LTM B737-3M8(WL) Brussels Airlines 25070 2037 New c/s
OO-SFM A330-301 Brussels Airlines 30 Hybrid c/s, medium blue tail, w B dots
OO-SFN A330-301 Brussels Airlines 37 Hybrid c/s, medium blue tail, w B dots
OO-SFW A330-322 Brussels Airlines 082 New c/s
OO-SSG A319-112 Brussels Airlines 1160 Full c/s
OO-SSK A319-112 Brussels Airlines 1336
OO-SSP A319-113 Brussels Airlines 644
OO-VEH B737-36N(WL) Brussels Airlines 28571 3022 New c/s
OO-VEK B737-405 Brussels Airlines 24270 1726 New c/s
OO-VEP B737-43Q Brussels Airlines 28489 2827
OO-VEX B737-36N(WL) Brussels Airlines 28670 2948 New c/s
EC-GRG A320-211 ClickAir 143
HB-JEL Emb-135BJ ComLux Aviation 14500933
N59053 B767-424(ER) Continental Airlines 29448 809
OK-NEM A319-112 CSA Czech Airlines 3406 New c/s
N189DN B767-332(ER) Delta Airlines 25990 646 New c/s
N709TW B757-2Q8(WL) Delta Airlines 28168 754 New c/s
G-EZBZ A319-111 EasyJet 3184 “”"Come on, Let’s Fly!”"”
G-EZDX A319-111 EasyJet 3754
HB-JZH A319-111 Easyjet Switzerland 2230
HB-JZP A319-111 Easyjet Switzerland 2427
F-GZTA B737-33V (QC) Europe Airpost 29333 3084
OH-LEE Emb-170ST Finnair 17000093
OO-FPA Cessna 560XL Citation Excel Flying Group 560-5248
EC-JRE A321-212 Iberia 2756
VT-JWG A330-243 Jet Airways 831
VT-JWK A330-202 Jet Airways 888
VT-JWL A330-202 Jet Airways 901
VT-JWN A330-202 Jet Airways 932
VT-JWP A330-202 Jet Airways 947
VT-JWQ A330-202 Jet Airways 956
OO-TUC B767-341ER JetAirFly 24844 324 “JetAirFly” titles, “Flying from Brussels Airport” sticker”
OO-VAC B737-8BK(WL) JetAirFly 33014 1367
SP-LDB Emb-170ST LOT 17000024
D-ABXP B737-330 Lufthansa 23874 1495
D-AIQB A320-211 Lufthansa 200
D-ACKA CRJ-900LR Lufthansa Cityline 15072 “Lufthansa Regional” titles
HA-LOA B737-7Q8 Malev 28254 1283
CN-RNJ B737-8B6(WL) Royal Air Maroc 28980 55
SE-DIP MD-87 SAS Scandinavian 53010 1921
HB-IPS A319-112 Swiss 734
YK-AKE A320-232 Syrianair 1085
YR-BGB B737-38J Tarom 27180 2529
OO-TCN A320-232 Thomas Cook Airline 425 “Dream”
TS-IOP B737-6H3 Tunisair 29500 543
TC-JGF B737-8F2(WL) Turkish Airlines 29790 1088
N775UA B777-222 United Airlines 26947 22 New cs


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