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MAD 05/04/09 - What is it look like a sunday in Barajas ?

by L@urent on juin.21, 2009, under Aviation photo trips @, MAD - Madrid Barajas, Spain

Raw log of the day ;

CC-CQE A340-313X Lan Chile
CS-TPI Emb-145EP Portugalia Airlines
CS-TTC A319-111 Air Portugal New c/s
CS-TTE A319-111 Air Portugal New c/s
CS-TTO A319-111 Air Portugal New c/s
D-ACPR CRJ-700ER Lufthansa Cityline “”"Lufthansa Regional”" titles”
EC-FCB A320-211 Iberia
EC-FDB A320-211 Iberia ONE World c/s
EC-FGH A320-211 Iberia
EC-GOM MD-83 Spanair Star Alliance c/s
EC-GQK A340-313X Iberia
EC-HAK Emb-120 SwiftAir
EC-HDK A320-214 Iberia
EC-HDN A320-214 Iberia
EC-HDP A320-214 Iberia
EC-HDQ A340-313X Iberia
EC-HGQ B737-85P Air Europa
EC-HGS A319-111 Iberia
EC-HGT A319-111 Iberia
EC-HGV A340-313X Iberia
EC-HKQ B737-85P(WL) Air Europa
EC-HOV MD-82 Spanair
EC-HPR CRJ-200ER Air Nostrum
EC-HPU B767-3Q8(ER) Air Europa
EC-HQM A320-214 Iberia A/w
EC-HQN A340-313X Iberia
EC-HTB A320-214 Iberia
EC-HUH A321-211 Iberia
EC-HUL A320-214 Iberia
EC-HXA A320-232 Spanair Lo tienes todo para volar
EC-HYD A320-214 Iberia
EC-ICF A340-313X Iberia
EC-IDF A340-313X Iberia
EC-IEF A320-214 Iberia
EC-IEJ A320-232 Spanair
EC-IGK A321-211 Iberia
EC-IJF CRJ-200ER Air Nostrum
EC-IJU A321-231 Spanair
EC-ILP A321-211 Iberia
EC-ILQ A320-214 Iberia
EC-ILR A320-214 Iberia
EC-ILS A320-214 Iberia
EC-IVH CRJ-200ER Air Nostrum
EC-IVP ATR 42-300 SwiftAir
EC-IZK A320-232 Spanair
EC-IZY A340-642 Iberia
EC-JBJ B737-85P(WL) Air Europa
EC-JCL CRJ-200ER Air Nostrum
EC-JFG A320-214 Iberia
EC-JKZ B737-86N(WL) Air Europa
EC-JNX CRJ-200ER Air Nostrum
EC-JPF A330-202 Air Europa
EC-JPU A340-642 Iberia
EC-JQG A330-202 Air Europa
EC-JQQ A330-202 Air Europa
EC-JQZ A321-211 Iberia
EC-JRE A321-212 Iberia
EC-JSU MD-87 Spanair In full SAS c/s
EC-JTK MD-87 Spanair Star Alliance c/s
EC-JTT CRJ-900 Air Nostrum
EC-JTU CRJ-900 Air Nostrum
EC-JXZ CRJ-900 Air Nostrum
EC-JZL A330-203 Spanair
EC-JZM A321-212 Iberia Iberia Endangered species - Aguila Imperial (Imperial Eagle)
EC-JZV CRJ-900ER Air Nostrum
EC-KAJ A340-311 Air Comet White nose
EC-KCG B737-85P(WL) Air Europa
EC-KCP A330-343X Iberworld New c/s
EC-KDD A320-214 Iberworld
EC-KDH A320-214 Vueling
EC-KDI A319-111 Iberia Iberia endangered species - Cigüeña Negra the Black Stork
EC-KEC A320-232 Spanair “”"Let’s go roaming”" c/s”
EC-KHJ A320-214 Iberia
EC-KHU A340-312 Air Comet
EC-KHX B717-2K9 Spanair
EC-KIL A330-202 Air Comet
EC-KJC A319-111 Iberia Endangered species - ‘Avutarda’ (Great Bustard)
EC-KKS A319-111 Iberia Halcon Pelegrino retrojet livery, 80th IB anniversary
EC-KLB A320-214 Vueling
EC-KOH A320-214 Iberia
EC-KOM A330-202 Air Europa
EC-KOU A340-313 Iberia
EC-KSE A340-313X Iberia
EC-KXB A330-223 Air Comet
EC-KXD Emb-195LR Air Europa
EI-CVD A320-214 Aer Lingus URL titles
EI-DCO B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-DEN A320-214 Aer Lingus
EI-DLM B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-DPR B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-DYJ B737-8AS(WL) Ryanair
EI-DYP B757-8AS(WL) Ryanair
G-BPED B757-236 British Airways
G-EZAW A319-111 EasyJet “”"Come on, let’s Fly”"”
G-EZAZ A319-111 EasyJet “”"Come on, let’s fly!”"”
G-EZBF A319-111 EasyJet “”"Come on, let’s fly!”"”
G-EZBZ A319-111 EasyJet “”"Come on, Let’s Fly!”"”
G-EZEZ A319-111 EasyJet
G-EZKD B737-73V EasyJet “”"Come on, let’s Fly”"”
HA-LPM A320-232 Wizz Air
HB-IJB A320-214 Swiss
I-BIXS A321-112 Alitalia New c/s
LV-ALJ B747-475 Aerolineas Argentinas
LX-LGJ Emb-145LU Luxair New c/s
N12116 B757-224(WL) Continental Airlines
N196DN B767-332(ER) Delta Airlines New c/s
N746AM B777-200ER AeroMexico Old c/s
N76156 B767-224(ER) Continental Airlines
N827MH B767-432ER Delta Airlines Interm c/s
N948AC A330-243 Avianca Colombia
N948AV B767-3Y0ER Avianca Colombia
PH-BXG B737-8K2(WL) KLM New c/s
PT-MVO A330-223 TAM Brasil New c/s
SX-BKH B737-4Q8 Olympic Airways
XA-MXQ A330-243 Mexicana

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